Happy Holidays
from the Cotton team.
Talia, Chris, Noah

Creative Direction

Talia Cotton

Designer & Coder

Noah Schwadron


Vanilla Javascript, P5.JS

This holiday season is a special one: it is our first. That makes your presence in it all the more special to us.

In the spirit of special, on the front of this card is a unique design from a limited set. No two are alike. (We hope that makes you feel special!)

The snowflake pattern incorporates two principles that we know and love: typography and programmable form. Composing the design are the letters that form the words: logic&heart.

Our first year has been driven by an uncommon union of these two principles. We operate with a commitment to logic, and by putting our hearts into everything: in our designs and in our coding, in our relationships and in how we respond to the world.

Whatever principles guide you, may this year be one of meaningful Firsts as well.