A custom motion graphics tool for the Converse Fall 23 Campaign

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The Converse Fall 23 Campaign was around the theme of Skate. In a collaboration with WØRKS, Cotton conceptualized, designed, and built a custom motion graphics generator for the Converse creative team to use to create the visual assets for the campaign.


What does skateboard culture look like? What does it look like to fall, and fall again? To be fluid? To feel limitless? To have a sense of community? To be human? In the beginning, Cotton explored over 20 rough motion concepts centered around the theme of skateboard mentality, with an emphasis on the human experience.

Graphics Generator

Ultimately, seven different templates were developed for the custom motion graphics generator for the Converse team, each one revolving around a different skateboard-culture-related theme.


Throughout the campaign, outputs from the generator were visible in Converse stores, on digital marketing applications, within social media, and more.

Documentation assets provided by

Creative Director & Developer
Talia Cotton

WØRKS Team led by
Roy Cranston