An interactive event graphics system for a nonprofit centered around climate and community


Elemental Excelerator is a nonprofit investor sitting at the intersection of climate impact and social justice. Interactive is their annual invite-only event for innovators, technologists, community groups, policymakers, artists, activists, and more — all focused on accelerating global action to address the climate crisis.


Cotton designed the system that dictated the event graphics, merging elemental shapes with abstract textures of earth, technology, and community. The elements interact with each other in an infinite number of random variations, celebrating their many combined variations as opportunities to create a better climate future. The building blocks act as a kit of parts that helped dictate the array of event graphics, which were designed by the in-house Elemental Excelerator team.

Interactive Typography

As part of the system, Cotton created a custom interactive typeface based on elemental shapes that was used for the logo and select header typography. With four animation systems, the typeface created a baseline for engaging graphics throughout the event.

Creative Director
Talia Cotton

Event Production & Stage Design
e2k events x entertainment

Screen Graphics & Animations

System Implementated By
Elemental Excelerator in-house design team