A generative brand identity for an arts organization that advocates undiscovered and underrepresented artists.

Logo Generator

GBA (Guilty by Association) is a new arts organization with the mission to give a voice to underrepresented artists, empowering them, and in-turn creating a shift in the art-world at large to be more fair and equal.


Cotton took inspiration from the notion of individuality reflected through an artist's signature. It is the only component to a work of art that is consistent, yet unique.


The design solution is made to look like a person grabbed a writing utensil of choice and scribbled, doodled, or scratched the letters “GBA” onto any surface, and the handwriting is different every single time the logo is seen to reflect the human quality to a signature.


To execute the design, Cotton handed off a web-based logo generator to the client that draws a new randomized logo upon every input.