Marc Jacobs Interactive Valentines

A lighthearted interactive experience for the Marc Jacobs Fragrances Valentines Day campaign

Launch Project

For Valentines Day, Cotton partnered with Qulture Agency to create an interactive Valentines maker for Marc Jacobs Fragrances as a digital counterpart to their in-store experience of the same campaign. Like the IRL experience, users can choose a stationery, customize it with stickers and paper colors, write out a message, and of course, download and send to a loved one.

For the tool, Cotton developed MJ Hand: a custom hand-drawn typeface based off of the official Marc Jacobs typeface with four glyphs for every character, to resemble the organic qualities of writing cards by hand while remaining true to the Marc Jacobs brand essence.

Creative Director
Talia Cotton

Typeface Design & Web Development
Chris Kim

In Collaboration With
Qulture Agency