Everything we do has a reason.

Our process is research-based and strategically driven. Our work is earnest and effective. Before we design, we understand our client: their objectives, intended audience, and current perception in the market, as well as any internal and external factors that may impact our work. Once we have a thorough understanding, we begin the design process, exploring a wide range of possibilities without being confined to a particular style.

We sometimes code as part of the design process.

We utilize code as a design medium—one that we believe is infinitely capable. We use coding only when it makes sense for the work, taking form in a wide range of approaches specific to each project.



Design Outputs

Brand identities and digital experiences, inclusive of brand strategy, positioning, data visualization, motion design, installations & experiential design, products, websites, and campaigns

Coded Outputs

Custom branded tools, automated design, generative design, interactive design, data-driven design, community-driven design, user-impacted design, design that evolves over time, and other to-be-discovered coded solutions


Clients & Collabs

We partner with companies that seek purposeful problem-solving.

We collaborate with creative agencies to drive smarter digital work.


For companies across sectors:
Whether you primarily engage with your audiences digitally, are driven by data or technology, or simply need to be strategically positioned for success in a fast-paced future, let us help you get there. We thrive when the design work also unlocks new possibilities through its use of technology.


For creative teams:
Let us to discover together how to best take advantage of the methods made possible by technology. Whether you need a boost to substantiate an aspiration, or you just need that last push on a project to make it magical and still make sense, let us help you get there!



Talia Cotton
Founder & Creative Director

Talia Cotton is a designer, coder, and educator, and has been recognized as a leading expert in the intersection of branding and technology. Talia also teaches intro and advanced coding classes at Parsons School of Design. Prior to starting Cotton, Talia was leading two teams at Pentagram, focusing on the design and development of data-driven and algorithmic brand identities and websites. Her past experiences also include working as Digital Lead at Champions Design, and working independently for several eclectic branding and interaction studios. Talia has been widely recognized by many major design awards and publications such as The One Club, The TDC, Fast Co Design and It’s Nice That. She was recently named a “Responsible Designer to Watch” by GDUSA, and was awarded the Young Guns Award, known as the 30 under 30 for creative professionals.

More Information

    Team Past & Present

  • Chris Kim, Design Intern

  • James Macry, Studio Coordinator



  1. Make meaningful work.
  2. Be open to—and ready for—change.
  3. Value others’ perspectives.
  4. If we are not enjoying the process, we reassess.
  5. Uphold excellence.