Almost Studio

An interactive identity and website for an architecture studio whose work concentrates around exploration, discovery, and change.


Almost Studio is an architecture & design practice established in 2018. Experimenting with form, material, program, siting, landscape and time, Almost Studio's projects join, grow, and change with the people and places around them. When the architecture team approached Cotton for a new identity and website, it immediately became apparent that their process is sometimes even more important than their final product. “We draw a lot as part of our process,” they said in an early interview, “That’s one of the things that makes us different. We’re not just hands-on. We discover more about each project by drawing.”

The studio’s work is a constant interplay between playful shape and gridded structure. A kit of gridded patterns, inspired by textures seen in the studio's work, was developed to complement the identity.

Just as the studio uses drawing as a method to discover more about each project, central to the visual identity is the interactive behevior of drawing to discover the studio's work, represented by textures and materiality.

Creative Direction, Creative Code & Development
Talia Cotton

Design Assistance
Chris Kim